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Great Southern A cappella - Vocal Music - solo & harmony signing tuition 

Online Lessons with Diana Clark available via Zoom
Specialising in:
Jazz / Brazilian music styles, songwriting, a cappella arrangements & choir conducting

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by Diana Clark and Doug de Vries

... Immerse yourself in the rhythms, sensual Portuguese language and exquisite harmony of this diverse musical culture - from Amazonian chant to traditional Samba through to MPB (Brazilian Popular Music) by Carlinhos Brown, Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso and the lush anthemic strains of Milton Nascimento...

This Songbook includes 14 fully-scored songs with A cappella/guitar & percussion arrangements, two companion CDs with Portuguese pronunciation, recorded groove guides & more... MORE INFO

Diana leads World Music Choir tutorials at Melbourne University and hosts online Braizilian singing/choir workshops with Rio's Mi La Music school; With has a background in Jazz & A cappella music, Clark is a founding member of internationally acclaimed vocal group Akasa with Vicki King, Andrea Watson and the late Melanie Shanahan (& Akasa members Heidi Bradburn, Mihirangi and Annemarie Sharry).
Diana continues to share her love of harmony singing through her songwriting and teaching.