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Diana loves hosting her online Bossa Nova Boot Camp vocal masterclasses 
 student testimonials:
"This is a fabulous teaching package! I’ve been having lots of fun practising the Mas Que Nada Bossa Nova song module" 
Robyn, Mornington Peninsula.

“I taught myself a lot of bossa music over the years and it used to take me about 2-300 repeats of a song to mimic the sound. With your teaching I only need to go through it about 3 times – it’s a very efficient way of learning – it’s saved me months. .So, thank you!” 
Randy, Bon Beach/USA.

“The preparation and detail in the course are way beyond expectations of even a professional musician and teacher – it goes above and beyond - thank you very much. To be sharing part of the journey while Mila the coordinator was judging Carnaval this year was very exciting. Thank you for sharing your culture and being so generous. My feeling for the rhythm is better having worked with you – it’s amazing how fast I was able to improve my pronunciation and phrasing with your guidance. Obrigada.”
Catrina, Northcote.
(Diana says) While I am not currently performing live - I am resonating with this message both for myself and all singers on the planet:
"Please don’t give up - please don’t lose that sound 
So many people fought to gain that ground...don’t give up – please don’t hide your voice - so many people did not have that choice.
You ask me why I sing softer now, and did the world beat me down? 
...Back then I sang hard, I sang proud, but where are the edges now? 
Ukrainian summer before the revolution. I sat at the knees of the grandmother...Her daughter told me we could LIFT THE VEIL between the worlds by singing. We were sat outside in the dawn light of the midsummer feast and the short night.
Singing to the dead so they’d bless the crop, bless the young, bless the year... 

Sometime, anytime you wanna bellow at the sky - Call on me, call on me <3
We’ll unzip the horizon with our voices. 
Every breath I take has been taken before, every note’s been sung... Who can I sing them all again for?

Please don’t give up - please don’t lose that sound...So many people fought to gain that ground...
...don’t give up – please don’t hide your voice - so many people did not have that choice.

This is the way we call the unknown, and lift the veil to the other side
Throwing the gate open wide..please don't give up...please don’t hide your voice - So many people did not have that choice."
From Moira Smiley's BELLOW (clip here)

Diana is a vocal tutor and directs A cappella ensembles at Melbourne University, Melbourne Polytechnic, Newhaven CollegeCadence Choir and hosts Virtual Brazilian Choir workshops in colaboration with Mi La Musica, Rio de Janeiro 

Diana May Clark's The Other Side of the Girl by Tony Hillier

"Clark has a voice that is as adaptable as it is powerful and a passion that exudes from her very soul..." Beatopia Review link.

"A home grown international talent. We don't even know what we've got here in Melbourne! Oscillation between sensual, moving and playful proved intoxicating.  A brewed concoction of power and sophistication, this show had the audience beguiled in sway to the beat." Natali Lambevska (SYN)
Melbourne Singer/Songwriter & acclaimed Brazilian music interpreter Diana May Clark's original album The Other Side of the Girl includes 1 cover, 'Mama Africa (People got to hear)'. Her English version offically published with the composer Chico Cesar agreeing to split royalties with Clark.
Diana had a special time recording with Chico in his home state:
"Chico Cesar's music is loved by 4 generations in Brazil; known for his television soap-opera theme and Afro-Pop anthems, he's also a respected Poet and the Minister for Culture in Paraiba. I visited Chico & we had fun recording my original 'Hang On' (co-written by Clark's husband, guitarist Doug de Vries).  He also did me the honour of introducing me to live radio (including interviews in Portuguese); there were some adventurous moments..."

Chico appears as a special guest on The Other Side of the Girl Available online: Apple Music