diana may clark

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Breathe into Time

Diana's debut original EP with acoustic jazz/pop band featuring pianists William Poskitt, Bob Sedergreen and Joe Chindamo. 

"The opening notes of some CDs mesmerise you; you can tell you're going to enjoy the whole experience. [Breathe into Time] is one such example. This EP of original songs take the listener on an inner and outer journey across a world and jazz landscape...influenced by Brazilian music and Australian diversity..."
Roger Holdsworth 3PBS Radio [Melbourne].

"Diana Clark sure knows how to make a great debut CD. First enlist De Vries, Chindamo, Sedergreen, Starr, Beck, Poskitt, Pereira, & Vela. Heck why didn't I think of that? While her ½ dozen compositions accommodate the Jazz, Blues, & Brazilian influences you would expect from this A-team, Diana's singing is imbued with an ecstatic quality & joy of performing that is all her own."
Ross Wilson.

“It’s a lovely piece that hangs together with beauty and poise; sweetly transporting melodies and great musicianship. I hope I hear it on the radio waves.”
Deborah Conway.

I like music that reveals itself to you, small pieces at a time...and requires your contribution (like a conversation). I love the subjects Diana embraces and the music...Ces't tres belle! It's a gorgeous album!”
Kate Ceberano

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Breathe Into Time CD Cover