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The Brazilian Virtual Choir Lab - 2022

The Brazilian Virtual Choir Lab is a Latin vocal course designed by Mi La Musica School, located in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil and hosted in Australia by Great Southern A Cappella founder and choir director Diana May Clark.

The course is live from Rio and focuses on singing Brazilian standards such as Corcovado, Samba do Avião, Aquarela do Brasil (Brazil), among many others. Learn the original lyrics in Portuguese, the history of the compositions and music styles direct from the source.

The Final Project culminates in the production of a recording of the choir.

Our 2022 Australian Brazilian Choir lab students Braz Oz - samba clip: 

This course is for amateur and professional musicians alike, music lovers, teachers, choir conductors, vocalists and instrumental music students who want access to enjoying, understanding and feeling confident about sharing and performing Brazilian music!

Vicente Costa Nucci - Teacher & Music Director

The Brazilian Virtual Choir Lab is a course designed to enhance all students’ musical, creative and expressive qualities. Each program will focus on enabling students to sing a Brazilian standard in Portuguese! 

Mila Schiavo - Program Director & Choir Coordinator

Our host in Australia is Melbourne singer-songwriter and choir director Diana May Clark.

Diana Clark - Host

Our inaugural Australian Brazilian Choir lab students 'Braz Oz' - clip! 

Current BrazOz choir class Schedule:

Resumes on Tuesday Nights Oct-Dec 2022 (75-90 mins)

Meeting Time:

Tuesdays - 8 pm Melbourne (AEST) 
 - 5pm Perth
Australian Western Standard Time / 
- 6pm Tokyo Japan 

Course duration is 11 weeks with each song we study and harmonise being recorded. As the audio is recorded students focus on learning and hearing themselves evolve as a choir and working on their harmony, groove and pronunciation together. The last 3 classes are at a more relaxed and social pace singing through songs and immersing in all things 'musica brasileira'.

All classes are recorded (zoom) so if you miss one you can watch it later and catch up at your own pace.


More Info - Mi La Musica Website

The Program Includes:

Voice Training exercises tailored to each song
Choir Technique
Brazilian Rhythms & phrasing
Portuguese lyrics and pronunciation
Choral Arrangement analysis & practice
Historical & lyrical context of each composition
Classes in English are live from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (ZOOM)

Final Project: Choral Audio Recording of 2 Brazilian Standards

Additional Information:

Online group capped at 30 people
Payment via PayPal or bank deposit

  • Program fee (11 weeks all inclusive): AUD $225
  • Student/Concession price AUD $175
  • Hardship (available on request) AUD $125
  • Syd/Melb 8pm AEDT, Perth 5pm AWST (Western Australia)+ 6pm Tokyo

If you have any questions please contact:

Great Southern A Cappella in Australia
Ph: 0433 855 580

Mi La Musica in Brazil
Ph: +55 21 99301.1398
Whatspp: +5521993011398