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Sing in Brazil – the Vocal Harmony Tour 2025

Música Brasileira melds Portuguese language with Brazilian rhythms, forging rich harmonic textures with African roots and indigenous Indíos’ folk songs, truly a universe unto itself.

It’s time to go deep…This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to sing in Brazil – traversing three diverse states imbuing the regional styles and rhythms under the guidance of passionate conductors, musicians, and vocal groups.

  1. Begin the tour in the Northeastern beach state of Paraiba, tune your ear into Portuguese, traveling as a group immersed in music & culture while experiencing family-friendly Festa Junina, the biggest ‘São João’ festival in Brazil. 
  2. Next, we travel north-west to Manaus in the Jungle state of Amazonas – highlights: we are guided in song by the Amazon Theatre Opera House Choir Conductor, learn about local music, and share an Amazon cruise.
  3. After a week of singing in regional cities and styles, we hit Rio de Janeiro!  Let yourself be swept up in the incredible views via Corcovado & the Sugarloaf. We’ll sing with two vocal groups and maestros, swap music, and spend time with children from a favela; take in the live scene of Bossa, Samba, and MPB and you will dance!  Some time for shopping for gifts and instruments as well as downtime, beach, and a mini Island escape (weather permitting) this is it – soak the sounds in and sing, Sing, SING! 

You are invited – sign up to learn more at our ‘Sing Harmony Brazil Tour ‘25’ info/overview sessions coming up in early June online: Tuesday 4 June
OR Thur/Fri 8th June - sign up here

BrazOz Choir 'Borboleta Preta' - is now rehearsing live in Melbourne
- once a month - Sundays June 2, Aug 4, Sept 8; 2 PM-4:30 PM
Sing in beautiful Portuguese with a hearty dose of groove and good vibes - great experience!
Enquiries - SMS/whatapp Carolina on 0407 660 100

Gilberto Gil - the living legend of Brazilian Music just toured Australia for the last time 

Learn & Sing his songs - 2 hours online with Diana Clark, Mila Schiavo and Doug de Vries

Online recording and materials available now - Vocal workshop on 'Songs of Gil'

Purchase recording: Registration Link

Gilberto Gil, also known as Gil, is one of the best Brazilian composers and singers and, touring Australia/NZ in March 2024. 
We prepared a vocal lab with some of his best songs so you can learn more about his legacy. 
Considered one of the leading names in Brazilian music and culture, Gilberto Gil celebrated his 81st birthday last year. 
If you want to learn his music, join Diana Clark and Mila Schiavo & special guest Guitarist, Doug de Vries for this 1 off vocal music workshop! 
The course is live from Rio de Janeiro and teaches Gilberto Gil`s Brazilian standards in Portuguese - songs like Andar com Fé, Drão, Toda Menina, and Expresso 2222, among others. Students will learn the pronunciation and articulation in Portuguese, harmonies, some percussion parts, and the history of the compositions, immersing into diverse music styles & rhythms direct from the source. 


For Brazilian Guitar lovers, 

Doug de Vries Guitar Master is back with more Gtr chocolates & leads us in three great masterclasses in March 2024. 

Please read on for more information:
Brazilian Guitar Boot Camp's Masterclass series focuses on Gilberto Gil's music and Bossa Nova standards for solo guitarists, teachers & accompanists, students, and professional performers who want to explore the subtleties of Brazilian Guitar.  
Class format is designed to suit all levels (intermediate-advanced) with comprehensive materials, including audio/video practice clips and more...
Series 3 
Teacher: Doug de Vries

3 weeks, 3 stand-alone modules: Melody,  accompaniment, techniques & interpretation  

Class/Song Schedule:
 - Gilberto Gil`s Guitar Style
 - Corcovado (Tom Jobim) 
 - Só Danço o Samba (Tom Jobim / Vinicius de Moraes) 
This is an international online live course so please check your city and/or country Class Schedule: 

Purchase Modlues/ Registration Link

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Commencing in 2022 we developed 12 Vocal masterclasses
'Bossa Nova Boot Camp'

Delivered by superb musician/teachers based in Rio.
Sincerely the best way to learn to sing Brazilian standards in Portuguese from your own home - be inspired!
Browse songs / order Vocal Masterclasses HERE
In 2023 we released Treasures of Brazilian Guitar & Bossa Nova Masterclass Series 1 & 2
with the brilliant Doug de Vries 

It is brimming full of fun "guitar chocolates" resources...
"Doug is just magnificent as a performer, artist and educator.
 Gilbert Ducasse

'Bossa Nova Boot Camp' Guitar & Voice Masterclasses for performers & students
 Explore the subtleties of Bossa Nova and Brazilian Jazz.  One composition covered in each stand-alone weekly module.  
Class format designed to suit all levels (intermediate-advanced) with comprehensive materials, including practice clips...

Series 1 Bossa for Acoustic Gtr Masterclass Modules available to order below
Teacher/Arranger: Doug de Vries
Order Guitar masterclass recording & materials HERE: Guitar Masterclass Series 1

6 songs - One song: melody,  accompaniment & interpretation  

Wave solo Gtr by Doug de Vries
Manhã de Carnaval DdV on Youtube (arranged for solo Gtr) inspired by Bonfá

Chega de Saudade - DdV (in style of João Gilberto)
Samba da Minha Terra - DdV
Garota de Ipanema (in style of Baden Powell)

 Desafinado - DdV

Module 1:  Wave accompaniment demo vid clip with Doug here:

The series has been fantastic; I loved every minute. The resources are extraordinary and will continue to give gifts for years to come. Like layers of an onion...No matter how deep, you come back and discover even more. 
All the prep, and the arrangements are absolute gold. 

Every time I look, I find more little details and other ways of thinking about things...learning different pathways, loving the scenic route through those harmonic changes!  Thanks to all 3 (producer/hosts) Mila, Diana and Doug for bringing so much humanity and awesome musicology to these sessions.”
  Tim Nikolsky

 Each song masterclass is approx 90 mins duration
Fees: AUD $30 for 1 song module; $25 each for 2 or more

The Program Includes:
·       Historical context of the compositions/Composers

·       Charts, chord diagrams & tab provided
·       Acoustic guitar foundation techniques and 
·       Music fundamentals covered each arrangement
·       Brazilian rhythms, phrasing and chord voicing   
·       Arrangement Charts in 2 keys with practice clips for solo gtr/accompaniment.
Classes in English are live from Melbourne (Australia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) via ZOOM 

Order from Series 1 Guitar Edition Bossa Nova Boot Camp Modules & Materials 
Bossa Nova Boot Camp Acoustic GUITAR Masterclass series 1 

Brazilian Gtr Masterclass - Series 2

'Treasures of Brazilian Guitar' focuses on Choro and standards for solo/guitarists & teachers 
Explore the subtleties of Brazilian Guitar.  

One composition covered in each of the Choro part 1 & 2 modules.
The third masterclass 'Treasures of Brazilian Gtr' covers notable Guitarist/Composers of the culture. 

 Order Modules here: Series 2 enrolment form

Teacher: Doug de Vries
"Doug is just magnificent as a performer, artist and educator.
 Gilbert Ducasse

Class/Song Schedule:
CHORO Part 1 - Tua Imagem played by DdV (Canhoto da Paraíba)
CHORO Part 2 – Tira Poeira
(Sátiro Bilhar)

Treasures of Brazilian Guitar - Dino 7 cordas, Rosinha de Valença, Rafael Rabello, Egberto Gismonti,
Paulinho Nogueira, Badi & the Assad Brothers, Guinga.

75 to 90 mins on each song module 

Additional Information: 
Each online song masterclass is delivered live - the zoom session is recorded for later revision.

Modules are designed by professional musicians using best practice educational techniques.
One on one lesson available after completion of a song module on request

$30 AUD per module - Sign up for 2 or more for $25 each

Order Tresures of Brazilian Gtr & Choro (series 2) HERE


Singing resources:

Bossa Nova Boot Camp Series with Portuguese lyrics
Vocal masterclasses listed below:

Inútil Paisagem (If You Never Come to Me)
Mas que Nada
Insensatez (How Insensitive)
Manhã de Carnaval (Black Orfeus)
Chega de Saudade

Garota de Ipanema
Águas de Março (2-parts)

Pre-Bossa Classics:
 Carinhoso (choro)
 Aquarela do Brasil (samba)

Cost: $30 AUD for one Masterclass module includes materials for one song; 
DISCOUNTED to $25 AUD each when purchasing 2 or more songs together

Browse and Purchase Vocal Masterclasses HERE 

The Vocal Materclass package includes:
One song melody & interpretation / 3 key options (Sop/Bari, Alto & Tenor)
Guitar backing tracks and charts
Voice training exercises tailored to song  
Brazilian Rhythms & Phrasing 
Portuguese lyrics and pronunciation   
Sheet Music, lyric, translation and Phonetics
History and context of each composition 
Classes in English are live from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (ZOOM) purchase the class recording with learning pack.

Class duration: approx 90 mins
If you have any questions please contact:
Diana Clark @BossaNovaBootCamp in Australia 
Ph: +61 (0)433 855 580 


Mi La Musica in Brazil 

WhatsApp: +55 21 99301.1398
Instagram - Bossa Nova Boot Camp

Facebook - Bossa Nova Boot Camp 

YouTube - Doug de Vries

'Bossa Nova Boot Camp' Vocal Masterclasses focus on Brazilian Jazz standards for singers, teachers, students and performers who want to craft a Bossa Nova or MPB song to their best ability. Will help you master Portuguese pronunciation and articulation. One song covered in each stand-alone module. 

One on one Tutoring - Bossa Nova Voice / Guitar / Percussion lessons available
Record your interpretation and submit for an appraisal / private 40min zoom lessonwith our expert teachers
Fee for online appraisal/ 1:1 lesson AUD $75

Student testimonials - 
"This is a fabulous teaching package! I’ve been having lots of fun practising the Mas Que Nada Bossa Nova song module" 
Robyn, Mornington Peninsula.

“The preparation and detail in the course are way beyond expectations of even a professional musician and teacher – it goes above and beyond - thank you very much. To be sharing part of the journey while Mila the coordinator was judging Carnaval this year was very exciting. Thank you for sharing your culture and being so generous. My feeling for the rhythm is better having worked with you – it’s amazing how fast I was able to improve my pronunciation and phrasing with your guidance. Obrigada.”  Catrina, Northcote.

“I taught myself a lot of bossa music over the years and it used to take me about 2-300 repeats of a song to mimic the sound. With your teaching I only need to go through it about 3 times – it’s a very efficient way of learning – it’s saved me months...So, thank you!”  Randy, Bon Beach/USA.

Follow us at @bossanovabootcamp

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Join the Virtual Brazilian Choir LAB
Info: https://www.dianaclark.com.au/brazilian-virtual-choir-lab.html

Learn our Mas Que Nada arrangement:
3-part Vocal harmony arranged in Portuguese & Percussion

A 4-rehearsal module course designed for singers to immerse in Brazilian rhythm patterns.
We deliver this while focusing on the 60s classic Mas Que Nada.
Classes cover pronunciation and articulation in Portuguese, and percussion parts along with the history of the composition, getting deeper into Samba music direct via the source. 

Teachers: Diana May Clark and Mila Schiavo 

Format: One song in Portuguese: SAT vocal arrangement and small percussion instruments:
Pandeiro, Surdo, Tamborim and Shaker. (Guitar chart also provided).
Course duration: 4 weeks. 

75 to 90 mins on each class  

Cost $70 AUD

Program Includes:
Vocal exercises tailored to song 
Choir Blending Techniques
Brazilian Rhythms & Phrasing
Portuguese lyrics and pronunciation study     
Vocal Music / Choral Arrangement/ Guitar chart /Percussion patterns 

Song: Mas que Noda - Jorge Ben Jor
Classes in English recorded live from Melbourne (Australia) and Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) via ZOOM 

Additional Information: 
Classes are designed by professional musicians using best practice educational techniques.
We will record and learn the full arrangment over 4 weeks.

Any questions please contact:
Diana May Clark @ Great Southern A cappella
Ph: +61 (0)433 855 580