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Learn and confidently perform a Brazilian song

Bossa Nova Vocal masterclasses @bossanovabootcamp

'Bossa Nova Boot Camp' Vocal Masterclasses focus on Brazilian Jazz standards for singers, teachers, accompanists, students and professional performers who want to craft a Bossa Nova or MPB song to their best ability. This course will help you master Portuguese pronunciation and articulation. One song covered in each stand-alone module - current dates Aug & Sept 2022.

The Girl from Ipanema - 
Garota de Ipanema is 60!
Celebrate 60 years of the composition - learn to sing & swing it in Portuguese.

The Bossa Nova Bootcamp Vocal Masterclass series is an international online live course - please check your city and/or country and convert to your local time.  

Date: TUESDAY: August 23

Australia: 8 PM AEST (City Reference: Melbourne)
Japan: 7 PM (City Reference: Tokyo)

Portugal and England: 11 AM (City Reference: London)
Germany, France: 12 PM (City Reference: Paris)
Brazil: 7 AM (City Reference: Rio de Janeiro)


FRIDAY: August August 26  
Australia: 10 AM AEST (City Reference: Melbourne)
Japan: 9 AM (City Reference: Tokyo)

International Dates: Thursday - August 25
Brazil: 9 PM (City Reference: Rio de Janeiro)
USA: 8 PM (City Reference: New York)
USA: 5 PM (City Reference: Seattle)

Class duration time: approx 90 mins
Melody, pronunciation & interpretation / 3 keys to suit (Sop-Bari/Alto/Tenor)

Fee: $30 AUD / $25 student/concession

ENROL NOW Garota de Ipanemahttps://forms.gle/WZNxgGSVZkGnKyEk9​​​​​​

Águas de Março (The Waters of March) in Portuguese
Two-part Masterclass due to the size of the lyrics
- Tuesday, Sept 6 and 13 at 8 PM (AEST)
- Friday, Sept 9 and 16 at 10 AM (AEST)

Additional Information: 
The 'Waters of March' workshop is held over two sessions due to length of lyric - fee includes all materials and two live classes: $50 AUD / $40 student/concession 

Please register your interest by writing to Diana dideeclark@gmail.com or SMS 0433 855 580
or alternatively write to Mila in Brazil - 
WhatsApp: +55 21 99301.1398

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Bossa Nova masterclass and learning materials 
Songs available:

Inútil Paisagem
Mas que Nada
Insensatez (How Insensitive)
Manhã de Carnaval (Black Orfeus)
Chega de Saudade


(Pre-Bossa Classics)
 Carinhoso (choro)
 Aquarela do Brasil (samba)

Cost: $25 AUD includes all materials for one (pre-recorded) song module; 
special - $20 AUD per package for 2 or more songs

The Materclass Program & package includes:
One song melody & interpretation / 3 key options (Sop/Bari Alto & Tenor)
Guitar backing tracks and charts
Voice training exercises tailored to song  
Brazilian Rhythms & Phrasing 
Portuguese lyrics and pronunciation practice     
Sheet Music, lyric, translation and Phonetics
History and context of each composition 
Classes in English are live from Rio de Janeiro - Brazil (ZOOM) or purchase the class recording with learning pack.

If you have any song learning package requests or questions, please contact:

Diana - Great Southern A cappella in Australia 
Ph: 0433 855 580 

Mila - Mi La Musica in Brazil 
WhatsApp: +55 21 99301.1398

Optional extra tutoring on your bossa nova in Portuguese is available
Record your interpretation and submit for a professional appraisal and private 30-40min zoom to discuss the analysis with our teacher Vicente Costa Nucci. This will lift your Portuguese pronunciation and articulation to the next level. 
Fees for song appraisal/private feedback session: $50 AUD / $40conc.

Student testimonials - 
"This is a fabulous teaching package! I’ve been having lots of fun practising the Mas Que Nada Bossa Nova song module" 
Robyn, Mornington Peninsula.

“The preparation and detail in the course are way beyond expectations of even a professional musician and teacher – it goes above and beyond - thank you very much. To be sharing part of the journey while Mila the coordinator was judging Carnaval this year was very exciting. Thank you for sharing your culture and being so generous. My feeling for the rhythm is better having worked with you – it’s amazing how fast I was able to improve my pronunciation and phrasing with your guidance. Obrigada.”  Catrina, Northcote.
“I taught myself a lot of bossa music over the years and it used to take me about 2-300 repeats of a song to mimic the sound. With your teaching I only need to go through it about 3 times – it’s a very efficient way of learning – it’s saved me months...So, thank you!”  Randy, Bon Beach/USA.


For School, Tertiary & Community Choirs
Choral Workshops delivered online with Diana May Clark or in conjunction with Mi La Música school, Rio de Janeiro for an enlightening and culturally immersive musical experience. 

Explore Portuguese pronunciation, bossa nova & samba rhythms and phrasing. Learn to confidently sing and lead your group in performing a standard like Jorge Ben’s Afro-Brazilian classic 'Mas Que Nada' or Antonio Carlos Jobim’s 'Quiet Nights' (Corcovado‘Samba de Aviao’ or Luiz Bonfa’s 'Manha de Carnaval' (Black Orpheus) to name a few.
  • Consecutive 75-90min workshops led by Mi La Música include accompaniment and percussion tips and culminate in making a recording or a quality Virtual Choir Video Clip of the song featuring you or your vocal group. 
  • Costs vary according to package chosen.
  • Workshops available Monday or Friday daytime or evenings/weekends on request.
  • All packages include sheet music, arrangement and audio guide tracks.


Diana - Great Southern A Cappella

PH: 0433 855 580
Email: dideeclark@gmail.com

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Info here: https://www.dianaclark.com.au/brazilian-virtual-choir-lab.html