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songbook & A cappella


Songbook for Choirs, Vocalists, Guitarists & Percussion
  by Diana Clark and Doug de Vries

"This collection is an important addition to choral literature. It is a resource that is remarkable because it offers both the amateur and professional musician a key to assimilating the rhythmic and harmonic richness of Brazilian music. Beautifully laid out with a companion CD that stands alone, the Borboleta songbook is a breakthrough publication." Irine Vela

Reviews/Quotes about the BRAZILIAN SONGBOOK

“This songbook is fabulous…a complete comprehensive learning tool…will help to extend and challenge any choir interested in authentic Brazilian songs & rhythms…”  Rachel Hore

“Wonderful – great music, fantastic arrangements, clear notation with clearly written guitar chords, pronunciation CD & guide for guitarists - this songbook will be very popular.” Joseph Jordania

“…Fantastic…choirs will really benefit from having the aural & written documentation…I’ve always steered away from teaching songs in other languages because of not wanting to mispronounce - this resource will give choir leaders the confidence to teach songs properly…I hope it finds its way into schools.”  Sue Johnson

“This music is clear, the learning CD helpful & is well laid out…certainly worth the money for a community choir wanting new challenges…”
 Stephen Taberner

"A beautifully presented, thorough and clear book with great material...I would use it for sure, with those fantastic songs!" Bagryana Popov

“This is brilliant to have such a guide to such wondrous music…I think it’s going to bring a lot of happiness to people!”  Kavisha Mazzella

“It’s exciting to have a collection of the beautiful melodies, harmonies & exquisite poetry of these Brazilian composers available in Australia!”
 Catrina Seiffert

“…An exceptionally useful resource! It will be of great help to many educators and musicians…”  Christoph Maubach